Cinema Room in the new house


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Hi all
Not been very active on here, lived in California so have spent most of the time on avsforum. However since starting my build, have been using this site more and starting to post so decided i would add my cinema build to the list. We bought the house a year ago, when the roof had just been put on. I was looking for a house with a room for a home cinema, in fact it was a requirement. I got big into HT while living in the States, and brought back a good bit of stuff with me.

So this house had a room that was going to be 4.6m by7.1m long, which i figured was perfect for a home cinema. No plastering or ceilings had been done, so i got the sparky to run video cables up the wall and through the joists for my projector. I ran hdmi, component and vga to cover everything. My receiver will convert everything else to component, so i'm able to cover all bases. The following is a list of the equipment i'm putting in here

Receiver: Denon AVR3803
Main LR Speakers: B&W DM603s2
Center; B&W LCr600
Rears: Polk R50s (for now until i decide if i want DIpole or not)
Sub HSU STF2 ( i know HSU don't sell in europe, but this thing is a beast..
Projector: Panny ATX100
Screen: Carada 110"
Sources, HTPC, XBOX360(with HD-DVD drive)

I have a few pics, the room is only coming together now, still waiting on the carpet which has been ordered, so evertying isn't hooked up yet. I've got some done thouggh so thought it was time to start sharing.

I'll be posting more as i go along, haven't fully decided on some things yet...this room will never be fully done. If anyone wants to see pics of anything in particular let me know. I'll just keep posting as i go along.

Thanks for looking


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Get off that sofa and get working!

Looks like you have a lot of potential there, keep the pics coming to show us how you get on.



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hey you have to check everything is right every once in a while!!

waiting on carpet for a lot of things, is ordered, but not sure on when it will be in.

plan for this weekend is to try out different types of trunking around the room to hide speaker cables...will get some more pics taken as well...

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