Cinema Paradiso (at last!)

Can I ask - have you used much keystone correction to get the picture to fit the screen...?
The reason I ask is I thought that if you were going to position a projector on the ceiling, it had to be upside down and lined up with the top of the screen. I believe that a projector positioned on it's feet the right way up should be level with the bottom of the screen...

Very neat and tidy set up BTW...:smashin:
Hi there,

I haven't used any keystone correction at all, it is purely down to the very generous lens shift on the Sony - both vertical and horizontal. With my previous projector, a panasonic, it had to be mounted upside down.

By the way I have just bought an LG BD370 / 360 based on your recommendation and of course a very good price! Thanks for that.


Glad your enjoying the 370 - cracking little player.
I have electronic lens shift on my HD73 but it's rubbish - plus it's actually designed to hang from the ceiling upside down so the panel is actually tilted by so menay degrees to make it easier...

To answer one of your questions in the 370 post, it's probably best to try the re-encode and see which one you like - it's fine for DTS HD MA tracks but in my experience, Dolby tracks don't like being converted to dts...and as for the scaling question - I don't think you have any choice but to let the player do it - it outputs DVD's at the same res that you set Blu-ray for...

It was you that asked those questions wasn't it...:D


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How do you get the ps3 to run on the television from that dustance? i'm guessing its connected via hdmi to the reciever but not sure how you get it to the tv (Long hdmi cable?). Ive saw some set-up's where the ps3 can be on the other side of the room.

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