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I have hooked up my cinema system with both my Xbox 360 and PS3 using Optical cable. It all works fine but I have a couple of questions about the sound.

1. There are options to play it through the front speakers or have it multi channel. When I play it through front speakers only it plays through all 3, but when I change to multi channel, one of the front 3 speakers doesn't play, is this normal? Or can I turn it on somehow? This happens with console/dvd/music.

2. When on the 360 or PS3, the menu sounds on the consoles doesn't always come out of the speakers, it's inconsistent, but this is the only sound problem I have in that sense, again, is this normal or not?

Thanks to any responses


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These issues aren't normal, although the menu one might be. It depends on the source material etc. Post makes/model numbers and links to equipment and online manuals if you can and maybe someone can take a look for you.

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