"Cinema EQ" setting?


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I have the Denon 2802 A amp. It has a "Cinema EQ" setting which we can switch either on or off, and it's only relevant for DD, DTS or DPL2 modes. The setting isn't accessible in stereo mode.

Does anyone knw exactly WHAT it does and when/why we would use it, because it's not explained very wel in the manual?

The manual says it reduces the hi-level freqencies of the front speakers. But wouldn't that ruin the tonal matching with the rears? What will I gain and/or compromise by having this setting enabled?

Any suggestions, I'll be most grateful.



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It just rolls off the treble in a similar way to THX Re-EQ. Basically it will tame any harsh soundtracks. It affects all the speakers, not just the fronts but you'll notice it most there as they're usually the most active. Some people think it kills the treble too much. Best to experiment with it and see what you think.

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