cinema[eq] - que?


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having a play on my amp last night, i went into the set-up of PLII and DTS:Neo6 (cinema) and found an option to turn something called cinema[eq] either on or off... what is this? i am pretty sure it's not talking about audessey eq etc but the manual (AVR2807) doesn't seem to cover it

Peter Galbavy

It's a setting that is supposed to compensate (high end roll off) for the mixing of films to account for cinema speakers being placed behind a screen. The soundtracks are/were mixed with a little extra "up top" to make it through the material intact. I strongly suspect that with the growth of home cinema that DVD/BR soundtracks do not have this compensation on anymore.


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great stuff, many thanks - so i'm ok just to set it to off for all modes

cheers :thumbsup:

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