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Welcome to the Cinehome advertiser thread.
We have been AVF members for over twenty years and have recently become official sponsors of the forum. We are also CEDIA members and THX certified. We are based in Cambridgeshire.
We'll be posting about new products, special offers and exclusive offers for AVF Members.
We supply a large range of video and audio products from all the leading brands through to more specialist custom install products.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch anytime. Our service is second to none.

Tom @ Cinehome

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@Tom @ Cinehome I'm interested in an LG77CX Oled, can you wall mount it as well ?

Hi, No problem re supplying an LG77CX assuming stock situation is as it was on Friday. Re installation could you please drop me a PM and let me know where you're based etc? Thanks again Tom

Tom @ Cinehome

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The brand new range of processors and receivers from Anthem is available to order for deliver early December and we will have the Anthem MRX 740 on demonstration. Get in touch for more info and have that new Anthem in place for Christmas.


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Tom @ Cinehome

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Until 1st December 2020, we are offering an Epson 3 year extended guarantee included for no additional cost with purchases of the Epson EH-TW9400 and EH-TW9400W Projectors.

So, you'll be covered for a total of 5 years from purchase date. Limited stocks only.

Included as standard is our expert set up advice. Installation available within a limited radius of Cambridgeshire.

Please call, email or PM anytime for further details or to discuss your requirements.

Tom @ Cinehome

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Cinehome are operating normally under the new lockdown announced last night with the exception of demonstrations at our premises. We are here (almost!) 24/7 to take enquiries and orders and offer experts advice.

Our cinema demo room is currently being refitted with MK Sound loudspeakers, featuring the legendary S150 in an in-wall format, IW150T Tripoles and IC95's for atmos duties. Anthem's new range of receivers, processors and amplifiers are due very soon and we will have an 1140 on permanent demonstration. Projectors on demo include the excellent Epson 9400. JVC N7 coming very soon. Dual SVS subwoofers on demonstration.

Our 2 channel reference demo room features the stunning Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 RoomPerfect Amplifier, B&W 802D3's and an SVS SB3000 subwoofer.

Also on demonstration is a kitchen / diner set up featuring the Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 Integrated Amplifier, Lyngdorf MH3 loudspeakers and BW3 subwoofers.

Home trials and demonstrations available of all Lyngdorf products.

Expert & Free Lyngdorf RoomPerfect set up and calibration offered within a 100 mile radius of Cambridgeshire.

Get in touch anytime. 01353 649902 or 07584 552243

Happy New Year everybody :) [email protected]
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