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Feb 22, 2002
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if Cine6 is fed by 1080i is it going to scale down the picture to 800 lines, or something else happens?
I'd imagine that if it could accept a 1080i signal it would just display it as 1080interlaced lines. IE Not progressive...This would be the sensible thing to do. It should be able to draw the 540 lines of each field but you won't get the full horizontal resolution due to the limitations of the projector.

According to the Barco forum the Cine6 will accept a 1080i signal.
Hello Larsan,
that was not the question.

I know it will accept 1080i and will not accept 720p. That is clear.
I want to know what exactly happens when it gets 1080i

It by passes the scaller

£1 says it won't fill the screen as the power supply and electonics stress out.
Sorry, I misunderstood.

This is info from Tom at Barco:
The CINE 6 is compatible with 1080i as it capable of running sources with a horizontal range of 32kHz. As the retrcae time of the CINE 6 is very close to the blanking time of 1080i, you might loose a little bit of information on the right and/or left side. This is however normal and is also done in most RPTV or Television sets.
Don't get me wrong set up properly the Cine 6 gives a super image that will still blow away any DLP or LCD projector.
Most of the "shops" won't demo it due to the price and hence profit.

If the interntion is to use it for 10801 to start with I would go for the Cine 7 which will cope with that sort of retrace much better.
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