Chrysler Grand Voyager Car Stereo Fitting Query

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    Hi, I have a Mk2 (2000/W) Chrysler Grand Voyager with an Infinity sound system installed.
    I decided to replace the original head unit and bought a Mutant MT7609BT ( so I can stream music from my iphone via Bluetooth.
    I bought an ISO adapter (Chrysler wiring adaptor (active speaker system only)) to enable the new stereo to connect to the existing cabling. It had 4 phono leads attached to it, but there were only 2 output sockets on the back of the head unit. I bought a couple of 2-into-1 phono adapters so that all 4 phono plugs from the adapter lead were plugged into the back of the stereo and I do now get sound from all my speakers. However it's just not that loud, the stereo supposedly gives out 4x40W.
    I've been looking at buying an amp to boost the volume but have never done this before and would appreciate some advice:
    - from looking at pics of amps I'm assuming the connection between the stereo and the amp is phono-to-phono?
    - as the stereo only has 2 output phono sockets do i go for a 2 channel amp, or as the adapter lead connecting to the speakers has 4 phono cables do i need a 4 channel amp (and split the 2 outputs from the stereo into 4 before connecting to the amp)?
    - is the output from the amp always speaker wire terminals as my adapter lead has 4 phono plugs, will I need to rig up some conversion from speaker wire to phono socket?
    - I'm also getting interference from the engine (a whine as the revs increase) so am looking at an inline phono to phono suppressor (;_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649) to fit between the stereo and the amp, will this do the job?
    As stated never done this before so the above might be really stupid or totally wrong, I'm open to all advice/suggestions.
    Thanks very much.

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