Chronical: 2067 Movie Review & Comments


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Sadly doesn’t seem to be a Blu-ray but you can get in HD off iTunes or Amazon for a tenner or half that for rental. I’ve put it to the top of my Cinema Paradiso list so only in DVD. Looking forward to it.

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Any movie that has a trailer with 'this year' at the beginning is straight to DVD quality, so I suspect Chronical: 2067 is for dedicated sci-fi fans mostly.
I have not seen this film but living in Australia I can give a brief opinion about Australian film making, having seen a number of Australian productions over the years.
Australia have a mixed history of making very good to indifferent B grade arthouse films, Australia certainly has the state of the art movie making expertise with some well equipped Warner Bros studios and CGI facilities, a number of global blockbuster films were produced there courtesy of tax credits but like most small population countries Australian film makers learn their trade working on low budget productions, so when money is available they cant resist using up a lot screen time on too much visual detail, this can become even more noticeable when some of the cast are formulaic actors familiar to Australian TV audiences, looking out of place dominated by the noise and visual clutter.
Sci-fi movies need specialised character actors familiar with the extra visual impact that quality special effects offer, all the same if you can get past the unavoidable cultural colloquialism that can gratuitously appear in Australian films the end results are generally a watchable time filler.
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Thanks Cas,
Will wait again for Prime to pop this on their free Movies list, then it sounds like I can just watch the beginning & the end! :)


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I watched it this evening and even as a big sci-fi fan this was just OK. Derivative and unoriginal. 6/10 at best.

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