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Chroma Bug - Uncle eric

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by Boris Blank, Oct 5, 2001.

  1. Boris Blank

    Boris Blank
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    Aug 7, 2000
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    Hi Uncle,
    Do you see the dreaded Chroma Bug in your PSM/1 Sony 7700 combo? I'm swithering about getting the PSM/1 in a Denon 2800 (I like the idea of minimal layer change delays) but am concerned that it has the chroma bug. I just wondered if the bug had ever bothered you at all?

    Oops, em, ok its the wrong forum but hey, its connected to a CRT!!! (Embarassed, he slinks away....)

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  2. uncle eric

    uncle eric

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    Yes the chroma bug can be seen (thanks to Stacy Spears for educating most of the video world), although I for one can handle its presence.
    It is a bug bear though not as big as Edge Enhancement (EE).
    EE, now theres another interesting subject. Our friends over at AVS go haywire on this subject and give zero marks for picture quality when EE is present (which is most of the time)
    I for one believe that a great transfer with EE exists.
    Case in point, 'For the love of the Game', yes EE is present, but oh what superb colour saturation, 3D like image depth and shadow detail. One of the best transfers around.

    Titanic, no EE horrible soft bland image. Compare and see.

    I can live with chroma bug (machine software glitch) and EE, mastering stage lets turn the sharpness up so the dvd looks great on a 28" tv glitch.

    Every product anywhere has good points as well as bad. The Cinematrix mod has far more good points than bad.
    Its awesome for the money.

    Best Wishes

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