Chroma Bug - Pioneer 656


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I've noticed the dreaded Chroma bug on my new Pioneer 656 (don't ever remember noticing on my old 535) Quite noticeable really, the question is though, I only get it on NTSC, checked all of my PAL DVDs and not visible on them.

Is this possible ? Or is it my TV (Loewe Vitros) that is causing the problem ?

Regards, Mark.


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OK played around a bit more:

Chroma bug definately only on NTSC (why would this be ?)

Chroma bug much less noticeable when using S-Video rather than Component out.

As I have 3 scarts on my TV looks like I'll be watching PAL DVDs on Component and NTSC ones in S-Video.

By the way- still very impressed with this player - the colours and detail on A Bugs Life are amazing, I now for the first time see why
people rave about the quality of this DVD so much.

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