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Ed Selley

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There is a work Christmas party (a very good one too) but it is held at the main office in Bath so it is a bit (re a lot) of a schlep for me. I've been to a few hospitality events so far this year though. These are excellent as there is no question of me paying for anything and the standard has been pretty good. They also happen during the day so I'm not losing an evening.

I will be attending an old workplace Christmas do on the 23rd as the wife and I are both ex employees and many of my friends still work there. Usually a good evening and all- the fact I'm being taken out for lunch (by another company) beforehand means I'll probably need to ask the wife what actually happened.


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As much as I enjoy all your posts on here (and I do !)
Aw thanks - that means a lot :)

...what does the above mean lol ? Maybe I'm not auto educated as I should be lol ??!

Is the technical answer - something to prevent people becoming contractors who are still really disguised employees doing it for tax breaks. The real answer is that no-one knows what it really means - something the LibCon Office of Tax Simplification is supposed to clear up very shortly....

No chance of me going permanent, ever. I earn double the permies so let them have their free drinks.
Yep well the money is good when you factor in the rate + the tax ahem benefits it is worthwhile. There is a point though where you hit a ceiling in contracting that you can go through as a permie - does mean moving away from technical work though.

That was the one thing I enjoyed about being a contractor was the money. That was it really :laugh:
There is more to it than that - for example these last few weeks I have enjoyed watching people squrim and sweat writing and having appraisals - getting or not getting the ratings they wanted, and then in a few weeks getting or not getting the bonus / pay rise they want. A days work for a days pay for me :)

And then dreading every brown envelope that comes through the letterbox with HMRC in the corner :rolleyes:


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Mine was last night.

Didn't go, playing a DJ set tonight and would rather have stuff for that sorted, than spending time around people I despise.

Couldn't possibly live up to the legend of last year anyway. Put away 12 double whiskeys and walked out unassisted.


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Just in from mine....excellent meal. then a band, and a disco to finish off. Free bar all night....I'm typing this as a very ****** up makes mr happy :clap:


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I'm a Private Bank Manager for one of the big banks, in the last couple of years we've had very modest do's due to the public perception of banks/greed.

However this year me and my fellow Private Bank Managers are going to a top notch restaurant, getting hammered, toasting our massive bonuses and then burning £20 notes in a lappo :D


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Good on you! And please do make us some more money next year!


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Ours is next week, we get good Xmas dos cant deny that.
Cracking raffle prizes, PS3s,Xboxs, Orient Express trips,cameras all sorts.
Saying that weve been banned from 3 venue that I can remember - fighting,theft and cocaine (and more) .
Partners have always been invited , coach laid on so a good set up and appreciated.
Possibilty of , how can i put it?, certain people have upset others so might be more fireworks:rolleyes:

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