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Christmas present, DAB radio for Dad please help..


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Not sure if this is the right section of the forum, my mum is looking to get my dad a DAB radio for Christmas but she has no idea where to start looking as there are so many out there and she isn't sure which is the right one..

Not looking for anything retro or of a certain design, it just needs to be able to take batteries and also have a plug socket for charging of mains.

It needs to have a headphone socket and be nice and small and portable and as cheap as possible but still a good one (as she thinks cheap means lesser quality which I said isn't always the case)

Also would prefer if the buttons on the devise were not to small as my Dad has big hands..

Tried looking on the web but there are so many to choose I don't know where to start. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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Chris Muriel

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Do you know what DAB reception is like in the attended area of usage ?
If it's a weakish signal area, you would need one with a socket for an external aerial.


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I find the Pure radios to be very good, and most will take an additional battery pack. The Pure "Ones" are at the cheaper end, then the Evokes etc.

Also worth considering ones that do internet radio (if he has wifi) as the choice is excellent, covering all tastes.

The Pure "Flows" have this function.

Roberts may also be worth a look.

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