Christmas preparation



If one of you very lovely people have time..........

I am considering upgrade ( I wonder how many times you have heard that one ? ) and am looking for some advice.

Choices are:

Sony KD32DX100 - investment for the future but it seems to have only Nicam stereo ?

Philips 32PW9617 - has all the reviews and DD. Do I just need a good DVD to make full use of this set ?

Philips 32PW9527 with Pioneer DSC-303 / SONY DAV-S500 / Philips LG3000D - would seem to offer benefits of the above ? Which is best DVD set-up, the Pioneer seesm to get a good review ?

The more I read the more confused I get.

We have SKY digital / Nicam VCR and will invest in a DVD this Christmas.

Many, many thanks.

.........and a Merry Christmas ( or is it still too early, best to be first )




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Seeing as you already have Sky Digital, the benefits of an IDTV are somewhat limited.

I suggest that you search the forums for DX100, 9617 and 9527 and settle down to a couple of hours reading with a nice drink!

Then, if you still have all the sets on your shortlist in consideration, pop along to a local dealer and have a good look at the TVs. A specialist dealer is likely to have more time to help you out with any specific queries at the time.

Now for my biased bit: :p

I have a 32PW9617 and I love it to bits.. as I'm sure you'll notice from the searches. I can recommend the set 100% to anyone in the market at this price range. I would definitely buy the same set again if I had to make my choice again. I was a liitle hesitant regarding the integrated DD at first, but took the plunge favouring convenience. I haven't regretted that decision either... best integrated sound I've ever heard.

Despite all the documented niggles, not one bothers me as the picture when watching DVD (I only have a budget Cyberhome Player) especially simply blows anything else out of the water :D

** end of biased advert **

Much, much too early to talk about Crimbo by the way.

Have fun shopping nonetheless!

edit: Just noticed where you live Pete! I'm in the Rhondda (When I'm not in London).


Thanks - in Machen really, but didn't think anybody would know where that is ! I think I've talked myself into the 9617 really but the 9527 package seemed to be a good deal anyway.

Do you know of any local discount warehouses where I can get a price match done ? I usually buy such stuff in London ( similar job situation to you ) but it would be more convenient to buy locally.

Nadolig Llawen.


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I got mine from John Lewis in Cribbs Causeway (Price Matched with Robertson's iin Glasgow). This way if something went horribly wrong (which thankfully it didn't) I could go and shout at them if I had to.

P.S. Please lay off the Christmas greetings, I've only got a few more days before the family "want-fest" commences! :rolleyes:


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The Sony DVB tuners are excellent - much better than boxes

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