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christmas lights... oops i knocked the sky dish with the ladders


Standard Member
finally got round to putting some lights up this afternoon and by accident knocked my sky dish with the ladders... not very hard may a add

ran inside to find ni sky channels! looked in signal test and nothings locked!

i have a small black sky dish, quad LNB, dual cable run to 1 amstrad sky+ box

got back up the ladders to find nothing visually wrong apart from one nut which was a little loose... before tightening it i noticed the little level on the dish was out some, but when i tighened nut up the level was pretty much smack on....

checked the cable to the LNB and on the sky box.. all fine
powered off, disconnected all cables and powered back on to find no change... signal 'not locked' on both feeds....

haven't called sky yet and the sky+ box is less than 12 months old, its 11 months :)

is the dish and LNB covered?
any ideas what i've done?
any thoughts i how i can fix it or what to try?

haven't messed with any settings in the installer menu (401) before or after the knock

the only other thing i noticed whilst up there... on the side of the LNB it has numbers 12345 on the side... i think theres a little notch next to the 3, however in the signal test it says LNB 0002?

thanks for reading and any help offered


Established Member
I would say it needs realining a little knock down here and you could miss 100mls + from the sat, :eek: I bought a sat tester and lost the pics after plugging into the dish and setting to where the tester said :oops: , had to get local engineer out said he had a few to do as they were on offer at local supermarket. Took it back :mad:


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Well as one who hates this American(ising) "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation" trend of putting lights all over ones property (so tacky) I think there's a moral for everyone there - Don't Do it! :eek:


Established Member
Well at least you weren’t hanging the lights from the dish:rotfl:


Established Member
Well as one who hates this American(ising) "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation" trend of putting lights all over ones property (so tacky) I think there's a moral for everyone there - Don't Do it! :eek:

Agreed, they look so naff, so much for saving energy as well.:rolleyes:


Standard Member
indeed i admit that some christmas lights and the lenghts people go with them can appear over the top....

but this doesnt help my problem...

i still havent called sky and try'd to turn the LNB power off and on but still nothing....

from reading some other posts i assume the dish isnt lined up... can sort this myself without any other equipment or will i have to call sky out?

some more useful comments would be nice


Established Member
Yep, you have nudged the dish out of alignment. What you need is a mobile phone or a chain of mouths from dish to TV. Slowly move the dish left & right and maybe up and down. Put on the signal meter on the screen and when the watcher sees the signal go upwards then let you know (by whatever means you have chosen!). Look for the paint scraped off at the nuts and this will give you some idea of where the dish needs to be put back. Also check the f connector is still in one peice under the tape as it could have broke into 2 pieces.

Cheers, Franc


Standard Member

many thanks...

in the end i called sky, 20 minutes on their 0870 number mind!

they've booked me a service call for thursday, ran through some tests but all failed so she couldnt do much else...

i'm sure the engineer will see the lights and assume whats happened! :)

thanks once again

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