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Christmas bonus. Do you get one?

Bill Hicks

My company used to be a small family run operation but were bought out 3 years ago by a massive national company that has it's fingers in most of the UK's infrastructure. We used to receive a small gift each Xmas (£30 Marks & Sparks vouchers) and a company Xmas card signed by all the management but ever since the takeover we don't get zip.

Is this type of miserly bah humbug tightness a normal thing these days or is my company an exception?

And a merry Christmas to you all by the way. :D


Distinguished Member
Working for local government, no bonus for me. Even when I was in retail (two family owned, one national) I never received anything :(


Senior Moderator
I'm getting 1.5x pay for working xmas but they need not have bothered cos I prefer it to staying indoors all day eating myself fat cos everywhere is closed


Distinguished Member
we used to get one, it was a nice hefty one too from part of the profits to say well done we had a good year. The problem is this year hasn't been a good year and lack of work in the industry means theres not a great deal of profit to be divied up :(

still at least we have work and get a steady income at the moment


Distinguished Member
Haven't had an Xmas bonus for about 10 years!!


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Have never had a Christmas bonus in 18 years of working and it never fails to amaze me when people moan about how little a bonus they get....at least you get one!!! :rolleyes: :D


Distinguished Member
I work for a small business where my old man is the M.D with 12 full time staff. Normally staff get £50 cash, a case of beer (tins) and a bottle of half decent spirit, wine or Baileys. I personally do not get anything but that doesn't trouble me too much.

We also have the inevitable Xmas staff do which is normally at a nice restaurant where the alcohol bill comes out twice that of the food! All transport to and from is taken care of too.

Tiger Feet

Well-known Member
I get a Christmas bonus - Although technically its profit related pay given out at Christmas. The Tax man takes a huge chunk though!


Active Member
No Christmas bonus as such, but they give us £30 each to go for a team Christmas do.

We do get a bonus (depending on company, site and individual performance) but although it's based on the calendar year's work it's not paid until March.


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we get a weeks wage, bottle of wine, box of chocolates and a free christmas dinner.


Well-known Member
I work for the NHS........so no Christmas Bonus.....although I guess our gold plated pensions will make up for that.....:rolleyes:.....when I'm 70


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Work in IT and have had a xmas bonus and raise every year I've worked, but I don't think it's going to happen this year.


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i work for one of the big 4 supermarkets
this year we get a box of dairy box chocolates, a bottle of wine (£5ish) and a free christmas dinner in the canteen
but as i have been there for 6 years i get £125 in december


Active Member
Xms bonus in the fire service is a Xnas card from the cheif officer, 2 years ago he sent cards saying "seasons greetings" he is a bit PC, we all crossed out seasons greetings and sent them back to him with "Merry Xmas" in it's place, last year we had cards with "Merry Xmas" I think he got the message.


Distinguished Member
My last employer used to give me an extra months wages in my December pay. What was even better was that he used to pay extra so that once all the tax was taken off and NI then I was left with my Gross monthly pay as the bonus.

Now I work for the Local Authority I'll get naff all.


Distinguished Member
Never get a christmas bonus & they want us to pay £30 each for a christmas party. - a 3 course meal in a pub (no drinks included so increase that cost to £60-£80), with a private disco afterwards. It's on a Monday & there will be 1 female there amongst about 30 blokes. Guess I'll give the crimbo do a miss for the first time in 12 years then. Or rather, I'll go spend my 80 quid elsewhere, have a curry & turn up hammered towards the end.


Distinguished Member
Spent the last 18 years working in the public sector so no bonus. Prior to that working in the private sector, in the last job we got a months pay, a case of your favourite beer, two bottles of wine and a bottle of spirits from the boss. Plus our customers used to give us gifts which we had to hand in so they could be pooled together and we had a lucky dip. Happy days.


Distinguished Member
£20 in hand for lunch or something .. also a free bar from 5pm till midnight one night close to xmas . . . which is nice as annual bonus is in April.


Well-known Member
I work for a family business specialising in kids library books, the Christmas bonus is you get 25 quid for every year you have worked there. I'm due to get £225 bonus in December wages.

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