chris moyles 5



anyone watching this rubbish on channel 5 now? i like the radio show but this is terrible
the name 'Johnny Vaughan' springs to mind :rolleyes:

when will they realise that these minor celebrities dont have enough pulling power to run a show 5 nights a week?
(except Graham Norton :D)

I caught the late repeat and yes it was terrible... how closely does Chris Evans want to follow the TFI Friday format?!?! Poor old Chris Moyles definitely has a face for radio tho:D he's just not funny when you can see him.
I think the show may work if he had Comedy Dave on there with him.
yeh good point he needs someone else to work off... although Dave really doesn't have a face for TV, he looks like a scary stalker.

I wonder why Channel 5 decided a Chris Moyles TV show would work now when their Cable TV show was abysmal and sunk without trace?
Watched the late repeat last night and thought it was better than Mondays, although I had two thoughts:

1) The programme is FAR too short, everything seems rushed.
2) Moylsie DEFINETLY needs someone to work off. The show reeks of TFI and Chris Evans had 'Weeeel' and his crew to 'back him up'

Maybe it'd get better...

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