Chord MOJO what ?

Mark wrs

Standard Member's just a dac and they sell a separate headphone amplifier....used in conjunction, they're a very capable setup with a good pair of quality cans of course.


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Might as well buy an RME ADI-2 at that price point though....

Mine was an open box on ebay (hifi shop)- never used - £770 your money.

Mark wrs

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Yeah it's your money...and I'd rather help keep the UK hi-fi cottage industry afloat with mine...njc audio's kit is well put together with all the components well thought out and sourced from eu and us suppliers, they don't build their electronics to be obsolete within a year or two like most and a fantastic personal service like whom the device was built for, the test measurements of your dac /amp are all supplied from the guys at njc audio. If only other manufacturers went to such lengths.


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Your money = £

I'm in France.

No offense or otherwise was intended.

Mark wrs

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No offence's just that you assumed that a dac/amp at a price point from RME is better than another that you have never heard. I prefer to keep my headphone amp and dac as separate units personally....and I'm not dismissing the RME also is very interesting.


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Hi there,

I was obviously sorry to read of the problems you have been having with your chord Mojo and offer my apologies.

So that I may investigate further, and resolve the matter to your satisfaction, please could you drop me a PM with your details?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Tom Griffiths
Head of Customer Service
Richer Sounds
To update. All sorted now. CHORD fixed it for no charge with RS help. thank you all. Really enjoying the mojo.

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