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Apr 25, 2003
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The 2go streamer/server transforms the abilities of the Hugo 2, adding both Ethernet and wireless streaming, plus 4 TB of microSD card storage to the award-winning DAC/pre/headphone amp.

2go is a high-performance streamer/server that transforms the Hugo 2 DAC into a fully featured Wi-Fi- and Ethernet-enabled device with up to 4 TB of solid-state library playback, bringing the proven sound quality benefits of our award-winning Hugo 2 DAC technology to network audio.

2go benefits from 2x 2 TB-rated microSD card slots for digital storage and playback, enabling Hugo 2 as a high-capacity digital music server (using MPD), in addition to its music streaming abilities. Crucially, when using 2go with Hugo 2, (once charged) all forms of digital playback can benefit from battery power alone, negating the need for external power supplies for the ultimate in purist audio.

2go contains highly advanced miniaturised electronic engineering that, in keeping with all our amplifiers and DACs, uses proprietary British technology. Adding 2go to Hugo 2, creates the most sonically advanced compact music streamer available today.

Wireless convenience (2.4GHz Wi-Fi and A2DP Bluetooth) combine with the stability and performance of wired (Gigabit) Ethernet connectivity, the latter offering set-up-free plug and play operation. 2go also benefits from comprehensive audio interfacing and offers Tidal, Qobuz and Internet radio playback with Spotify (and others) earmarked for the future. 2go is also Roon Ready, offers gapless audio and DoP/Bit Perfect support, as well as being fully DLNA-compliant (server/renderer) and AirPlay-ready.

A key feature of 2go is its auto-switching input function: every audio interface is always on, therefore switching between inputs is as easy as hitting ‘play’ on the chosen control point app; 2go convenience-switches between all its inputs automatically, giving a seamless user experience when playing music from different sources or even streaming services.

Setup and configuration via Gofigure iOS/Android app
Battery or desktop mode operation
8 Hour playback via internal battery
Super fast triple-core audio processor
Long range WiFi (2.4GHz) streaming
Gigabit ethernet connectivity
Bluetooth A2DP playback
Airplay playback

In order for 2go to perform as a fully functional streamer, a connection with Hugo 2 (DAC/Preamp/Headphone amp) or 2yu is required.

Power supply:
Internal battery with up-to 8hr playback. Desktop mode activated upon insertion of Micro USB charging cable).

Wireless connectivity:
Long-range 2.4GHz WiFi
Bluetooth 4.1 A2Dp

WiFi modes:
Connect to (allows 2go to connect to an existing 2.4GHz WiFi network) or Hotspot mode (activated within the Gofigure app, which allows 2go to broadcast its own WiFi network with SSID and password in the eventuality that the device cannot connect to a static network).

Wired connectivity:
Gigabit (GbE) ethernet

PCM and DSD Support:
44.1kHz – 768kHZ (16bit – 32bit) | DSD 64 to DSD 256 (via DoP)

File format support:

Initial setup, configuration, and updates:
Via free Gofigure app available on iOS and Google Play store

Music storage:
2x Onboard Micro SD card slots (up-to 4TB of total storage)

Roon (Endpoint), DLNA (server and render), AirPlay, Bluetooth audio (A2DP), Tidal, Qobuz, Internet radio and more coming…

Gapless playback:

Musically transparent audio interface for 2go

The 2yu digital interface turns the 2go streamer/server into a multi-output standalone streamer capable of working with the Hugo M Scaler and a range of DACs.

2yu is an advanced designed-for-2go digital interface enabling 2go as a fully-fledged standalone streamer, ready to be used with external DACs and devices, including the 768-kHz upscaling Hugo M Scaler. 2yu connects directly to 2go to add TOSLINK optical S/PDIF, coaxial and BNC (both 75 ohms) digital outputs, plus a cleverly integrated USB-A output.

2yu boasts 2,000 MIPS (million instructions per second) of processing power, an integrated sample rate converter, plus a low-jitter audio phase lock loop. Highly flexible in its potential applications, 2go with 2yu is also ideal for installers wishing to create a discreet remote Roon streaming solution: the duo can be wired into an Ethernet port to provide streaming to a system in any room. 2yu alone can also be used with PCs and Macs via USB to create a high-quality USB-to-digital-audio convertor for audio.

Like 2go, 2yu is also hand-made in the UK using aircraft-grade aluminium and the same high-quality manufacturing processes inherent in all Chord Electronics products. Like the Hugo 2, 2yu features four polychromatic spherical controls governing output selection, power, mute and dim functions.

Connect 2go to your choice of DAC
Integrated sample rate converter
Ultra-low jitter design
Compact size ideal for multi-room home installations
Micro USB powered

In order for 2yu to inherit streaming/music transport capabilities or function as an audio interface, a connection with 2go is required.

Power supply:
Micro USB (5v 1amp minimum required)

PCM and DSD support:
44.1kHz – 768kHZ (16bit – 32bit) | DSD 64 to DSD 256 (via DoP)

Sample rate converter:
Integrated, automatic downsampling is provided if a higher sample rate is being played than the output can support.

Digital audio outputs:
USB Type-A (up-to 768kHz or DSD 256), BNC or RCA coax (up-to 384kHz or DSD 128) and Optical (up-to 96kHz or DSD 64)

Processing power:
Not sure on the modular approach, proof in the pudding, but as someone still using a phone released in 2014 with micro usb i do not agree with Chord retaining micro usb for charging. The port is just not a good design and too easily damaged. I replace micro usb cables regularly.
I've had the 2go for a month now and think it's a terrific piece of kit. One thing that frustrates me though is it seems to lose it's network connection fairly regularly, normally after a period of inactivity. I have it hardwired by ethernet cable to router. It becomes evident that it's not recognised by the network when Roon doesn't see it in list of audio devices, and then when I check Go Figure app it is not recognised there either. It is always sorted by doing a reboot of the 2go, but that's not ideal long term. Anybody else experienced this?

Oh and the 2go and Hugo 2 get incredibly warm while charging, even when not playing at same time. At least twice now the units have switched off due to heat. Seems less heat when charging USB to USB rather than main charger, but obviously this is a slower way to charge, so would prefer to use charger instead but a bit concerned that the heat generated using this method might cause long term damage to units.

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On the subject of the 2go/Hugo getting too warm, somebody on another site recommended this piece of supporting kit as a remedy. He says it stops the 2go/Hugo2 overheating. Have ordered and will report back.

This link is not working for some reason - if you search " Tincogo (2 Pack) Adjustable Iron Display Stand Easel Foldable Tablet" once you are on Amazon this will find it.
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So can totally vouch for this piece of support kit drastically reducing the heat generated from 2go/Hugo 2. There is still heat but on a scale of 1 to 10 it is now 2 at most, previously had been 8 or 9

This link is not working for some reason - if you search " Tincogo (2 Pack) Adjustable Iron Display Stand Easel Foldable Tablet" once you are on Amazon this will find it.

Of course I would reckon any kind of tablet/iPad support stand would do the trick.
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I sometimes find that if I have to power off Go2 when it loses network connection, and then it can take ages before it will power on again when pressing the config button. I’ve sometimes seen it take 15 minutes before it will power on. Anybody else experience this?
I have not had any issues with the network connection, mine is hard wired but also seems fine if I am using it in WiFi. I think they have or are about to release an update for the 2go so this may resolve your issues. Also consideer your router as I think this can be a sticking point too. I primarily use it as a Roon endpoint and it has been faultless. It has also improved the sound quality from the Hugo2.

In term of overheating, yes I have had this, I resolved it by resting it on its side.
All been pretty stable for me since the second FW update to V1.03 that Chord did several days ago. Others over at Headfi forum still seem to be having issues mind you.
The main gripe just now seems to be the 2Go's ability to stream anything above 192khz (or in some cases 96) without skips or glitches, especially in Roon. Not really a problem for me, as the highest I normally go is 96khz on Tidal or Qobuz, but would say 80% of my streaming is at 44.1khz.

Amazing piece of kit when it works, which touch wood for me is all the time since the FW upgrade.
Also upgraded the power supply to Allo Nirvana, and don't know if its a placebo effect or not but I swear 2Go sounds better now


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