Chord Electronics adds DSD 64 playback over ethernet to DSX1000 Flagship Streamer

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    Chord Electronics has added DSD 64 file playback over ethernet to its flagship network music player, the DSX1000, giving audiophiles a further opportunity to enjoy high-resolution music from the streamer.

    The DSX1000 now includes DSD 64 over ethernet functionality, thankfully without any increase to the retail price of £7,500 and existing owners can get the upgrade for free via the internet, with a simple push-button menu option from the unit’s display screen.

    Chord has been pioneering the implementation of DSD playback into its product line and this latest update follows the recent launch of the DSD 128-compatible CodeX streamer.

    The DSX1000 decodes the incoming digital data stream using their proprietary DAC technology. The latest-generation Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) architecture found inside the DSX1000, is the same advanced technology used in Chord Electronics’ flagship DAC, the QBD76 HDSD, and the range-topping Red Reference MkIII CD player.


    The FPGA handles all the digital data decoding, clocking, WTA filtering and the 5th generation Pulse Array DAC. Improvements to the Pulse Array DAC have been complimented with an enhanced power supply design.

    The DSX1000’s streaming engine is directly coupled into Chord Electronics’ own DAC technology, which re-clocks all data, which they says removes many of the jitter issues that can affect other products where the DAC is coupled into the main streaming chip.

    The DSX1000 features UPnP/DLNA access and control and is capable of playing MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, ALAC and FLAC files, with 24-bit/192kHz support where available and now DSD 64 over ethernet. Key features include an inbuilt analogue volume control circuit, as used in Chord Electronics’ £25,000 CPA8000 Reference preamp.

    The player also boasts both volume-controlled and line-level analogue outputs which feature both balanced XLR and RCA phono connections. The network connection is via a fixed-wired ethernet port due to the bandwidth limitations of Wi-Fi for 24/192kHz support (ethernet-over-mains connections can also be used if required).

    The DSX1000 is available now priced at £7,500 (standard finish); £7,830 (nickel).

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