Chord Chameleon Plus rca plugs


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Hi all,

I bought a used Chord Chameleon Plus interconnect a few days ago. A brilliant cable! It managed to expand the sound stage and refine the details in a way I didn't believe was possible (I was a cable sceptic). I am using it to connect my Chord Mojo DAC to a Arcam A29 integrated amp which runs my Dynaudio Focus 260 floorstanders.

However, the cable didn't come with Chord's VEE plugs, instead the guy I bought it from fitted some cheapo RCA connectors. While the cable still sounds great (compared to my Atlas Element Integra), I feel I can improve it further by fitting some quality connectors.

The questions are:
1. Is it possible to buy Chord's VEE3 connectors separately?
2. If not, which RCA plugs would you recommend for this cable?

Many thanks!
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