Choppy Video on MacPro on 37" LCD TV


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I've got a MacPro 2x2.66GHz Dual Core Intel with 4GB of memory. I'm running OSX Snow Leopard with NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT graphics card.

I've recently purchased a 3metre Belkin Pro Series VGA cable to connect my Mac to my Samsung le37a656a TV It's connected to a Apple DVI to VGA converter on the computer side. I'm using a software called SwichResX to make the Mac output 1920x1080 res using the settings listed in the samsung instruction manuel. They also call it CVT-RB.

Everything is working fine and the picture is super sharp! But when I play hi def videos in 720p res or 1080 in Quicktime or VLC it's like I've got motion blur when things are moving.

Anyone know why this is happening?
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That'll be the good old 50hz vs 60hz refresh rates then ;-) Find out what framerate your video footage is and make certain you set the connection to your TV the same....


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Ok the video is 30fps and the computer is outputting 59.5Hz refresh. I've tried other Hz and the TV says 'mode not supported' I what can I do?


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theres loads of info on plex on the FAq at he top of this forum. takes a bit of tinkering to add a source in the videos menu of plex and select which screen you want plaback to but theres loads of cool options like blanking outthe mac scrren diring playback rather than mirroring etc but i get much better playback of files than with vlc.
hope this helps, enjoy

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