choppy playback panasonic 220 blueray player


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I am looking for some advice regarding playback of a few dvd-r's.

Been 100% honest here i have as most of us have at some stage aquired a movie or 2 on dvd-r, my question is related to the playback of shall we say " a backup dvd-r "

i borrowed a movie called "rampart" played it on the panny 220 player and after about 40 minutes the movie became pixelated and started to freeze for like 10 second's at a time then it would play and freeze and play and freeze.
i tried a different hdmi cable still got the same results, so i played the movie in my ps3 and it played fine, i also played the suspect part of the dvd-r on my pc and it also played fine, so what would be the cause of this issue?
could it be related to the write speed or perhaps the dye used on the disc.

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