Choosing Where To Save Images from Opera or Firefox


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Aug 1, 2005
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Hi All,

I just took the plunge last week and switched from my PC to a lovely 24" 2.4Ghz iMac and I have to say, its fantastic! :thumbsup:

However, when I am using Opera or Firefox and I right click on a picture and choose the 'Save Image As' option, I seem very limited as to where I am allowed to save the pictures to ie I can only choose the options that are in the left hand side of my main 'Finder' Window - Documents, Music etc.

On my PC I used to be able to browse to any directory I wanted to save to - is this possible on the Mac? I have an external USB drive that I tend to use to store all my downloads from the web and its not in the list to save to!

Any help from any Mac guru's out there would be much appreciated.


Take a little time to look around the Save dialog and you should see the rest of the stuff. For example, your Macintosh HD should be at the top of your favourites list (assuming we're talking about the same dialog), as should your home directory. From those you can get to just about anywhere.

If you have a folder that you always want in your favourites (the left most column in the finder), then just drag and drop it in there.

You might need to tweak the finder preferences first though. Finder -> Preferences -> Sidebar. Make sure you have Removable Media ticked, and anything else you'd like to see.

Cheers, Carl.
thanks Carl, it may be the Finder preferences that are stopping me from looking at your advice - I'll take a look later on when I get home.


You can always have a finder window open where you would like the image to be and just 'drag and drop' the image out of the browser and in to the folder...

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