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Choosing the right setup for my room!


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I have a bit of a dilemma. I am having a shuffle round in my (small) bedroom and am unsure of what to do. As my denon avr-1705 died on me, i have a second hand Pioneer VSX-D814-S on the way which should fulfill my current needs. My problem lies with the speakers. I currently have, but havn't used for a while, a 5.1 setup with quite hefty fronts and a large sub. As i now require more room for a new bed and will no longer have the availabilty of any rear channels i am undecided on which way to go. Do i go for similarly large fronts and a matched centre, or do i gor for slightly smaller fronts and a small subwoofer in a 2.1 setup? I would say once i have my new tv etc. in place i would use the system mostly with games and dvd's, but i would like good music and bass reproduction aswell. My budget will i suppose depend on which route i choose! Thanks for your advice in advance.


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"Do i go for similarly large fronts and a matched centre, or do i gor for slightly smaller fronts and a small subwoofer in a 2.1 setup?"

The answer is YES, those are your options. Which one you choose is up to you. Either one is capable of satisfying you needs, and especially so in a small bedroom.

Personally, I think in that small space a sub is overkill, but I'm not big on subs to start with so I have a prejudice in that area.

So start with a decent front three speakers, and see how it goes, you can alway add a sub later.

As the the presents or absents of rear speakers, you could alway get some small rear speakers that you can easily mount on the wall.

If you plan on sticking with the Pioneer VSX-D814-S, then that is one problem solved. So, it comes down to speakers and whether you will keep what you have or buy something new. We can't comment on what speakers you have because you haven't told us what they are, and we can't comment on buying new speakers because you haven't told us how much money you have to spend.



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True, my first post was intended as an initial feeler so i will provide some more info.

My currently unused setup is Eltax Concept 400 fronts, Wharfedale Diamond 8+ Centre, Wharfedale Diamond DFS-18 rears and a Velodyne CHT-10 which was all run through my Denon AVR-1705 amp. Please bear in mind i bought this stuff when i was young and didn't know anything about av systems! For example the non-matching front and centre channels!!!!

Anyway in terms of price, i am currently trying to shift some of my speakers and my sub, so in terms of cost it depends what i get for these. Also if i shift all my current av stuff, bar my pioneer amp, i will be looking at a second hand tv aswell. I will be looking to buy all second hand which doesn't help as it depends what's around at the time! I would say £300 budget for the first 3 speakers? Also if i can juggle around my bedroom as best i can then i will look to include some rears! Cheers.


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I suppose that could be an option, but i would be listening to music aswell, and i'm not sure in stereo mode they would produce the quality of sound that i would get from a good pair of floorstanders and a sub?!


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:hiya: just to let you know that i will probably no longer be keeping the Pioneer receiver so i will be in the market for a new one (second hand)! This only adds to the problem!
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Floorstanding speakers would be best. I had the problem in my bedroom of keeping the sound down :thumbsdow

If you can go all guns blazing :clap: get the floorstanding

Cheers, Jonny :smashin:


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I certainly can manage floorstanding! Just what to pair with them?! I suppose my best option would be to get matching front and centre speakers with small satellites and a 'small' subwoofer. I guess the 5.1 system is coming back to haunt me :smashin:


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An update and the requirement of a little more advice. I now have my new bed, king size with memory foam topped mattress ;) so i now know the space requirements i have for my av stuff. As it turns out, it's very little, so i'm straying towards the idea of small wall mountable sattelites. I will also be getting an lcd (soonish) which i will have to wall mount as i don't have too much room for a stand! I am keeping the pioneer vsx-d814 receiver as the only hiccup is when using direct stereo the right channel doesnt work, although surround works fine. Not too considerate of budget right now as i am gauging what your thoughts are on a sattelite speaker setup with a sub such as bose acoustimass etc. Cheers.

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