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I have been mulling over my options for a new TV over the last few months. I have set my budget at the £1000-1500 mark. I mainly watch movies via Netflix and Prime + many of the shows on these platforms. I also have an extensive DVD and Blu-Ray library, but none of this is 4K UHD for the time being. Unfortunately my wife also watches the occasional bit of terrestial telly, though I am encouraging her to watch them on the various HD channels. I won't be using it for gaming. I will be viewing from a distance of 3.4m, hence looking at 65" vs 55".

I have been focusing my options on the:

  • Sony XF9005 & XG9505
  • Samsung Q70 & Q85
  • LGB9
Having viewed all of these in store I have dismissed the Sony's as I know the Android lag/crashing will drive me mad. I was also not particularly impressed with the OLED, as perceived the colours to be too dark and muted, though could this be a calibration issue?

I liked the image of both of the QLEDs though noticed on the Q85 reds appeared pink where as on the Q70 they appeared more red, is this again a calibration issue?

Should I be considering anything else? I can obtain a Samsung discount via work, and at present the Q70 is £959.20 vs Q85 is £1279.20. What extras does this £320 give me?


The Q85R in Europe is the well-reviewed Q80R online from North American sources like

Its value for money is about equal with the LG B9 at that price considering the LG B9 should be around £1500.

The only thing is usually 'work' discount is when buy from Samsung direct so you won't get an extended warranty. Therefore paying around £1500 for the LG, together with the benefits OLED technology brings is probably worth it.

You can't really judge TVs in the shop, the settings, viewing conditions, source material etc are all different from home.

In terms of picture accuracy the LG will have the edge with HDR, but all the TVs you are considering have pretty good out of the box accuracy for SDR.

As for the Q70R vs Q85R. The Q85R has higher peak brightness and stronger local dimming making its HDR more impressive. It also comes with a wide viewing angle filter, together with better a better anti glare filter.

If you are open to refurbished deals there's some very good ones going on at the minute. A TV like Sony's 65" AG8, XG9505 or even XF9005 are probably worth considering over the options you have found new.

Likewise from the Panasonic outlet the GZ950 OLED is worth considering. Its £2000 new but selling for £1650 refurbished.

A bit of general advice from me would be to first consider which technology you want first between OLED and LCD. That way it should help narrow down your choices.

Samsung markets their higher end TVs as QLEDs, but they are in effect still LCD TVs, whilst OLED is a different display technology entirely.

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