Choosing center speaker KEF Q250c vs Dali Oberon Vokal


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Hello guys,
First post here.

I have a pair of KEF Q150s and Dali Oberon 1s.

Currently using KEF Q150s with Denon AVR X1600H for fronts and old Definitive Technology ProCinema 600 satellite speakers for surrounds. Not using a center speaker as of now. I mainly use this for watching movies with a BenQ HT3550 projector.

Dali Oberon 1 is connected to S M S L AD18 (planning to upgrade to a better class D Amp later this year) mostly use it with TV for music and YouTube.

I like both KEF Q150 and Dali Oberon 1, they both sound amazing with Denon X1600h. Now I’m looking for a center speaker and not sure if I have to buy KEF Q250c or Dali Oberon Vokal.
Depending on the center speaker I will use the other pair with S M P L AD18 Amp.

I got both KEF Q150 and Dali Oberon 1 for around 300€/pair new.

Now I can get KEF Q250 for 400€ and Dali Oberon Vokal for 320€ new (Used speakers cost more or less the same).

I don’t have the possibility to try center speaker here in local store where I live, so I’m looking for help here. Anyone with experience from both the center speakers. Which center speaker is good for home theater from the both.
My usage is 80% movies and 20% music.

Thank you and regards from Germany.


The KEFs are going to have the perfect timbre. They also have a wide dispersion, if the Dali focus is narrower then that may lead to a gap in any panning across the front soundstage. Perceived wisdom is to all the front speakers from the same manufacturer and model range.


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As you already have the Kef's at the front, commonsense says that the choosing the matching Kef centre will always be the right option over another brand as you wish to create a balanced front end. The rears can be played around a little, but before you do that, I would say your next upgrade with the amp as those speakers can certainly be improved with better quality amplification


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Thank you guys @gibbsy and @ShanePJ

My plan was that, if I buy Dali Oberon Vokal, I thought of using it with Dali Oberon 1 for front stage in Home theater and KEF Q150 in another room with Amplifier. So, depending on the Center speaker thought of deciding on which left and right speakers.

If KEF is a better Center speaker than Dali Vokal, I will order KEF Q250c and try directly at home.


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I feel the answer to which is better is really only something that you can answer as the way we hear a sound is different. I will say it seems you must enjoy the Kef's if you are contemplating using them for stereo, so there is nothing stopping you moving towards Kef floorstands for a stereo setup in the future :)

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