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Hi everyone,

I am in the market for a pair of headphones. I've never gone wireless before, but my Xperia XZ2 has no headphone jack. They did supply a USB -C dongle, but unless I'm motionless, it wiggles out of the socket. Really annoying when I walk down the street.

I currently have a pair of circa£40 Sony in ear which deliver for me. The choice as with everything is bewildering. I would use them primarily for listening to music on my phone, possibly films/tv but not often. At home I have a pair of over ear Panasonic RP HTF350 for my laptop.

My budget really is £150, never spent that much on headphones before. Noise canceling isn't a concern for me as I have managed all this time without it, and I probably wouldn't want to cocoon myself anyway.
I would like them to provide a decent, crisp clear sound level (not tinny) and not leak too much as I want to respect other peoples space, and hate experiencing that from others.

I have done some research and found a few pairs which could suit me. Sony CH700N, Sony WH-H900N, Sennheiser HD4.50, Sennheiser HD4.40, Bose SoundLink AE2.

Two other questions; Some come with apps featuring EQs. I do like to tweak audio specific to what I'm listening to. Am I stuck to playing music through the app or can I use the other music apps on my phone?
Does the volume rocker on the set correspond to the devices volume?

Many thanks (if you made it this far :D )


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To answer your last point, no, you don't need to use the apps, you can still use whatever music player and equaliser you currently use on your phone.


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I believe the Sony “Headphones Connect” app for Sony Bluetooth headphones allows you to tailor the sound and adjust the equaliser globally so that you can use any music app.

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