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Choosing between Speakers


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I'm new to this site in terms of posting but i was hoping someone could give me their opinion about an issue i have.

My stereo setup is very budget, consisting of a cambridge audio A1 integrated amp, cambridge audio cd player, a project debut III turntable and a pair of TDL KV6 Nucleus floor standing loudspeakers.

however i've recently been handed down a pair of book shelf sized Tannoy F1 Customs, a pair that, upon a little internet research, appear to have garnered a decent batch of reviews in the budget end of the speaker market, whereas my big TDL's appear to be no great shakes critically.

having listened to both on my setup, to me there's no comparison - the roominess of the big floor standers just kills the tannoys in terms of big sound and bass and fill my room much better. to my sub-audiophile ear though, the clarity of the tannoys do seem to be superior, but the lack of oomph cant compensate.

my problem is i'm upgrading my amp soon to a cambridge audio av reciever, either the CAMBRIDGE AUDIO AZUR 540R V2 which is going cheap on richer sounds, or the newer 340r hdmi one.

the 540r provides 100watts per speaker when just used as a stereo amp which is predominantly how i plan to use it. to get to the point, i basically wanted to know how this big jump in power from 30 watt to 100 watt will affect the speakers, as i need to get rid of one set to help fund the av reciever. at a higher wattage will the tannoys sound more powerful and fill the room a bit better or will it not have this effect? i really have no experience of anything other than the a1 amp so i dont know what i more respectable wattage will do to the sound. i would rather keep the tannoys as they have good write-ups but as it is the TDLs sound better to me.

Can anyone provide any predicitons on what effect the extra power from a new amp will have on both sets of speakers, and which ones i should hang on to?

thanks in advance and sorry to u cognoscenti for boring u with what must be a relatively trivial matter for these boards!!

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