choosing a tv for home


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I've narrowed down the choice to these 6

LCD LG 42 42lk450
LED LG 42 lv4500
Samsung LCD 40 d503
Samsung LED 40 d5000
Samsung LED 40 d5003
Samsung plasma 43 d490

It would be used for watching broadcast television and movies (from a player) from time to time. Which one is the best investment?


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Thanks, man!

I'm constricted to these 6 models because my father was offered them at discount prices here (Serbia), and the prices are,

  • LCD LG 42 42lk450 480€
  • LED LG 42 lv4500 600€
  • Samsung LCD 40 d503 450€
  • Samsung LED 40 d5000 550€
  • Samsung LED 40 d5003 520€
  • Samsung plasma 43 d490 550€
On a side note, the ST30 here costs 813€ which is 670 pounds (I'm assuming your 500 number was in pounds)

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