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Nov 5, 2012
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South Wales
I've been on the hunt for a new lighter tripod for a while now and think I've managed to narrow the choice down to two. Presently I use a Cullmann Mod. 2930 with a manfrotto 488RC2 head which is an old fashioned inflexible design but exceptionally sturdy if a tad heavy. I'll stick with the same head on the replacement for now.

The two I'm looking at are:

1. Feisol CT-3342 tournament legs @ ~ £249
2. Induro CT213 @ ~ £247

General requirements are flexible leg positioning, 3 sections max, 8Kg+ weight limit, sub 65cm folded length, ~130cm height without centre and ideally sub 1.5Kg weight. Budget is sub £300.

Which would you go for, or alternatively suggest one I've missed.
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I guess no one has any experience of these. After a huge amount of research, I'm leaning more to the Feisol design as the ability to run without the centre column and add one later on is quite appealing. Add to that the remarkably light weight and all the positive reviews for the 4 section version.
Only issue with the phottix is that it is a 5 section, I'd rather not exceed 3 sections as this matches the cullman. We already have a Benro C1682 4 section with centre column so I suppose the logical choice is something distinctly different.
Gone with the Feisol in the end after reading a lot of positive reviews. Should be here tomorrow so I'll post up some shots of it once I've had a fiddle.
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This is the height with the first section fully extended and the second roughly half. I'm 6ft tall and have to stand tip toed to look into the finder. A prism would be directly at eye level for me.
Feisol CT-3342 + RZ67 Pro by Kyle, on Flickr

All in all a very sturdy combo, though it probably would benefit from a better/bigger ball head.
When I was looking for a tripod a few year ago, the Feisol was in my top 3, but I ended up with a cheaper alternative. Good job too, since I hardly ever use it. The Feisol looks really good.

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