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Hello all
Im thinking of replacing my existing sub with a new one and i know very little about audio equipment.
The sub is just for listening to music which i love listening to all types of music from rock n roll to country to pop and trance.
i visited my son who has a 7.1 surround sound system and he was listening to some music although it is a cheap system, it sounded better in the base than my system is so i put it down to the subwoofer he has with it.

I initially bought a Cambridge CXA80 amp and a pair of Monitor Audio Silver 100 speakers.
So i looked on Richer Sounds web site and i ended up buying a Rel HT/1003 sub
The sub kicks out a lot of base but i think its a bit off on some music where the base sounds more separate than part of the track.
After looking on different web sites trying to find info i find that the Rel HT/1003 is mainly for Home Theatre so i think its were i went wrong.

So what would you recommend im thinking of selling my Rel HT/1003 and buying a Subwoofer thats mainly for music, i phoned today Richer Sounds and they have pointed me towards buying either
Dali E9F or SVS SB1000 subwoofer
my room size is 15 foot by 10 foot

many thanks in advance


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The SVS 1000 Pro's have just be released too. I have a dual use (50/50 movies to music) HT Setup and will be getting 2x SB 2000 Pro's. I have an almost identically sized room to you.

Depending on your budget, you could get one sub for now, then add another of the same model later. 2 subs help correctly set up help give a smoother bass response. Sealed subs are definitely the way to go with music.
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The SB1000 Pro was launched on Thursday and UK prices are confirmed tomorrow, so dont get pushed into a standard 1000. We have two standard 1000's that we will be discounting tomorrow to move on.

Spec wise, the new 1000 Sub, digs quite a bit deeper than you REL. It is quoted as 20Hz +/- 3db and the guys at SVS have done a lot of work to use the room performance to get it to dig deeper and is rated at 500w Average and 820+W peak.

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You may want to talk to some here about integrating your sub with your current set up, working with your speakers and room effects. Can’t see how the Dali would offer anything more, and the REL is reviewed as being musically “competent”. For music, you shouldn’t need anything that goes lower than the REL.


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Thank you for your replies
Just had a look at my sub settings today and i think but not too sure if they are wrong as i think the LFE on the crossover should be on LFE
My cable is running from the sub out on the amp to the LFE on the sub.
Also would i benefit and get better music quality from a more dedicated such as the SVS SB1000 pro.


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Before you change the sub try using the preouts from the CA instead of the single sub out.

You may find, with a bit of judicious experimenting with the crossover setting, that it sounds better ‘blended’ that way.

You’ll be feeding it with a stereo signal which the sub will deal with rather than CAs idea of a summed signal.


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Ps, I’m pretty sure the CA does not have bass management?

In which case using the LFE input would be an error. The subs crossover frequency control will not work.

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No bass management in the CXA80. So as said, play with crossover and gain with the idea of extending the bass response of the MA 100s in the lower frequencies. The only bass management you have is the crossover at the point of the sub.
Also look at the subs position relative to your mains and the phase setting. You only have 0 and 180 to play with but you don’t want your sub actively working against your mains.

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