Choosing a sub in Delhi

Discussion in 'Subwoofers' started by arvindji, May 1, 2005.

  1. arvindji


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    In India the choices are few and far between. Help me you enlightened souls - I have to buy a Sub.

    Choices in my budget are:

    Yamaha sw215
    and also sw315
    Wharfedale pc10a
    Boston pv350
    Sony wm500

    A bit further out of budget are also:

    Mordaunt short 907
    Boston pv500
    Jbl e150 (double the price of the sw215)

    Room 15 x20 feet, stone floor, minimal furnishing. 70% action films, 30% rock music.

    This is my first separates system. I have a yamaha rxv450, pioneer dv575, Jbl e30 fronts and ec25 center. Am considering buying Jbl control1x for the surrounds - currently using old Sony from previous system.

    Btw there is also an Indian company that makes subs - Sonodyne - but they're not cheap, and oh, what would my friends say ?

    So what say YOU, forum people ??

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