Choosing a 32" LCD: favouring Panasonic LZD85 but would like advice.

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Hello, I'm keen to purchase a 32" LCD TV in the next couple of weeks, I will also be upgrading to Sky HD and will be keenly viewing sport this summer. I'm not a huge viewer of DVDs yet, or a game player, but want to get the best TV I can, from my shortlist.

I'm leaning towards the Panasonic LZD85 for £779, and a Panasonic EZ27 recorder at £119. First, though I need to rule out:

Panasonic LZD80, does it offer much less than the newer 85, both seemed to be released quite recently?

Toshiba XV505, Higher contrast ratio, thinner frame and under £700. Although, unless the man in Currys was wrong or my eyes were, the frame is somewhat bigger on 32" and thinner on the larger sets.

Sony W4000. Always liked Sony and this seemed to give the best picture from a brief look at the somewhat restricted loop video, although has no 100Hz and I can't find a store price of less than £899 yet.

I'd also like to ask about contrast ratios and I'm assuming the higher the number the better. The Panasonic claims 10,000:1, the Toshiba 30,000:1 and the Sony 33,000:1. This must make a difference to the picture although I have yet to have this proven to me in-store, but how seriously should it affect my choice of the Panasonic, with it being the lesser? I'm well aware this can't be the only determining factor in image quality else there'd be much less to discuss on here.

I'd be grateful for any other tips or views that'll help me choose between the three, I'm starting to tire of the looking and reading and want to get buying!


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I'm in the same situation. You should think about adding the Philips 32PFL9603 to your list. It's my favourite at the moment. Heard nothing negative. I'm just only waiting for a pricedrop under 1000 Euro.

I barred the Panasonic from my list because it has juddering with BluRays, also the Sony W.

I don't really know anything about the Toshiba, but the price difference to the Philips isn't to huge, so I prefer the Philips because of Ambilight, LAN, USB, ...


I would narrow down to 9603 and W4000.The W4000 seems an excellent choice at the moment and at a definitely lower price

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Thanks, I gave Teleworld a ring, they quoted me £780 for the W in store with the warranty. They also had the Panasonic LZD85 for £814.

In the Sony's favour they said was the higher contrast ratio, wheras they described the Panasonic as being more colourful and vibrant, thanks to xv colour and it also has 100Hz which the Sony doesn't.
I still can't decide between the two!


Then you need to go to an av store and compare both...

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