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Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by CoolioCat, Jun 3, 2002.

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    Trying to decide which DVD player to get.

    I could go for the Rotel RDV-1080, for around £750 (no idea reg. pal progressive, but man, an impressive unit)

    The Toshiba 900E for £699 (although the PAL progressive really doesn't appear that hot)

    The Toshiba 510E for £360 (picture quality much worse than that of the 900E? The pal progressive not available on this unit is irrelevant, since for around this price, it's not worth expecting)

    Pioneer 737 for £400. (I know the 747 is about, but i'm not entirey fussed about the DVDA - i'm after picture quality more than anything)

    Or, i could get a Megadata player from for £99 (component outputs!) and mess about with the Iscan Pro v3 instead...

    Did consider the Q50 from, but i have a feeling this is missing the progressive board (as discussed in previous threads).

    Hivizone players considered, but again, it would be on of the Philips... I'm tempted by the 692SA, but i dunno...

    Thoughts anyone?

    Films will be screened on a AE100 projector, a Toshiba 36ZD28P (the new Toshiba with the progressive scan PAL on it - should be interesting if it allows you to flick this into NTSC - you'd hope so) or a Fujitsu PDS4212E-H.

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