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    Wild lands of Wiltshire
    Been looking around for a camcorder to capture footage which will be used in video projections, mixing in with various 3d generated images, still images etc. I'll need to be able to capture video in low light/indoors/night and also lots of nature/wildlife/etc (zoom and macro) during the day. I'll want a decent optical zoom, image stabiliser (optical if poss) and lots of manual control including a manual focus ring. Image quality is very important so the idea of a 3CCD cam appeals. Audio quality isn't too important as the footage will be played back to other music.

    Have narrowed it down to (in preferance I think):

    1 - Canon MVX3i
    Pro's Optical image stabliser plus loads of manual features, Good low light footage
    Con's Only 1CDD (2megapixels), bottom loader

    2 - Panasonic MX500
    Pro's 3CCD (3megapixels), optical image stabliser, good for macro shots and a top loader
    Con's Quesitons over low light performance

    3 - Sony DCR PC330
    Pro's Time lapse function could be usefull to work with
    Con's Don't like the sound of the touchscreen for so many of the controls, only 1CCD (3megapixels), no manual white balance, bottom loader

    Opinions folks?

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