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I am narrowing down my plan for surround sound in my sitting room. I will
have three Mackie 824iis as front speakers but need to choose surrounds (one or two pairs). Ideally I would like white, wall-mountable speakers where a 80hz crossover is possible. I am willing to be flexible on the crossover if there isn't a sensible solution at 80hz. They need to be passive speakers because there is not any power sources in the right places for actives.

As well as choosing speakers I need to work out where to put them.

The room looks like this, with the main settee in the middle of the room:


The obvious place for surrounds is in the corners halfway along the room, level with the settee. However, on one side there is only a 20cm gap between curtains (and windows) in which to put the speaker. That middle corner looks like this:


I think this precludes big dipole/bipole speakers unfortunately.

The back wall would be good for a couple of speakers - as either the main surrounds, or taking the system up to 7.1.

What would people recommend in that room? Dipole or monopole, and where? Any particular speakers that would do the job?

Cheers all!



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I would put them just as the room narrows so just behind sofa. Really you want the same make and model all around.


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Thanks for the post. I agree those middle corners are the probably the best place.

However, the Mackie 824mkiis certainly won't it in that space, nor any dipole speakers that I can find.

I have found a few (monopole) speakers that might do the trick: B&W M1, Q Accoustics Concept 20 (or 3020), or Q Acoustics 7000i. The latter would need a crossover of around 120hz, so not ideal, and I am not sure how well the Concept 20 works in a corner close to the wall.

Does anyone have feedback about those speakers mentioned, or could anyone recommend other (possibly expensive!) speakers?

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