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Trying to select a remote control. Would like help with answers to a couple of questions. I’ve gone through the forum and and have not found ‘complete’ answers.

I have a Panasonic TH42PWD6 plasma with the combined component/s-video/composite board, and a Denon 3803 receiver which is being used to switch individual components. The screen and the receiver are connected by both component cables (for DVD/SKY) and by S-Video (for VHS – time base correction problem means that VCR can’t go from 3803 to screen via component)

I therefore need to be able to switch between input 2 and input 3 on the plasma, but the input button on the Plasma’s remote cycles through the inputs. If I’m watching on input 2 (S-Video), 1 press of the input button will take me to input 3 (Sky/DVD), but if I’m watching input 3 I have to press twice (once to go to PC input and again to go to input 2).

I assume I could program a Pronto NEO or Sony RMAV300T to do this with a macro, but is it possible to go direct to an input number? (And am I referring to what I’ve seen described as ‘discrete codes’ here?)

Second question – my preferred choice of remote is the Sony RMAV3000T, for having lots of nicely labelled hard buttons for basic operation, and because I’m not a big fan of touch screens. I know I can’t program the Sony on a PC, but I already know it can do most of what I want using macros. Can anyone alert me to any other reasons why I should choose a NEO over the Sony? I’ve seen both for around £130 for UK models. I’ve tried a Oneforall6, but it didn’t suit me or seem powerful/flexible enough.

The gear list (in case it makes a difference) is:

Denon 3803 receiver
Denon 2900 DVD
Panasonic TH42PWD6 plasma
Amstrad Sky Digital STB
Sony SLV-SE800 VHS
OLD JVC VHS operating as a terrestrial TV tuner (to be replaced with Freeview box (Sony?))

In time, but not this year, VCR will be replaced with DVD-Recorder

Thanks for any help/advice.

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Can you assign your AV inputs to tv Channels. On my Hitachi 42PD300 & 32PD300 I've set AV1 as 6, Av2 as 7 etc. This gets away from the need to use the AV to scroll through.

If not check out remote central under the discrete codes section

Big Al


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Unfortunately nobody has discrete codes for panny 6 input selection - best we have is that the PC input is available as a discrete code so you can create a macro that switches first to the pc input, and then to an offset from that. Not ideal, but there you go.

Wasn't there a thread in the plasma forum about TBC via a Denon recently ? I thought the poster found an option in the Denon to cope with it, but my memory might be a bit fuzzy.

Cheers, Carl.

Kazuya Mishima

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I have a Panny 4 series. Apologies if this suggestion is no good - is there any possibility that the discrete codes for the Panny 4 could work for the Panny 6?


Im working on it i'll let you might have seen my name on RC or my collegue Wolf 359
this is a long term project of mine... trying to get easy discrete panna codes or even simple macros i have work arounds for the standard CRT sets but nothing for the module plasma sets as of yet. but work is in progress


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Thanks for the replies.

I was the poster re: the TBC issue - it's because of this that I need to use the S-Video input on the PWD6 for VHS, instead of solely component. But I want to make use of the component input for DVD/Sky, especially since the component cable cost me £80 !



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I use a Harmony SST-659 remote, which has discrete codes for PC, Component, & AV inputs on my Toshiba/Panny4. My Prontos are just gathering dust now because the Harmony has real buttons, including cursor keys for Sky+. It's just so much easier to live with than a Pronto. Cost £149.99.

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