Choice of 4 systems... but which?



Sorry for yet another newbie 'which system' question, I genuinely tried to avoid it. I have however managed to narrow it down to four systems, I am strugling to choose which because I am unsure on conectivity and which is actually best.

- Phillips HTS3357
- Panasonic SC-PT550EB-K
- Samsung HT-THX22R/XEU
- LG HT902PB

I would like to be able to connect this equipment:

- Samsung TV PS50C96HDX
- tvix HD M-4100SH
- xbox 360
- sky/virginmedia (still undecided)
- *Eventually I would like the ability to add a wii and ps3.

Q1. Is it possible to connect this many devices to any of the above all-in-ones? Would I need to compromise on some of the connection types?

- It will be used for tv, films, games and music.
- My living room is aprox. 13x13 ft

Q2. Based on usage, and Q1 which would you recommend?

Cheers for any advice :)


Do you know of anything like that which has the taller (floorstanding) front speakers?


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The speakers that come with the Yamaha are reasonable/good for a starter system at this price, fancy looking plastic tall speakers would not do the AV amp any justice at all. What this system gives you is an excellent ground in AV. If at a later date you want to upgrade the speakers then no problem you do just that. With a all-in-one system any change is a case of sling the lot away, so what you are getting for your money is something you can build on.
It has 2 opticals SKY, XBOX,PS3, DVD, Cable TV, PC.
One co-ax DVD, PC
Direct 5.1 in, HD DVD and BluRay, you will not find this on a all-in-one.

Just get speaker stands, they are cheap enough and at the end of the day you will have a system that looks like a system, not something that looks as if it has just come out of Ikea/B&Q

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