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First off, a quick explanation, I live in Kazakhstan, so the models available may not be the most recent additions to Manufacturer's lines.
I started off with a list of 40 available screens, and I've cut that list down by about 15 so far.
I've searched these forums, and the net in general, to try and arm myself with as much information as possible, however I've reached the point where I'd really appreciate some expert's input. (This is my first foray into LCD/Plasma TVs)
I can guess/work out most of the naming schemes used for TVs, but some of them still leave me wondering, epsecially when trying to find reviews. (For example, if a TV over here is identical to one reviewed, except for lacking a digital tuner, I'd expect PQ etc. to be the same in general). However, looking at some of the Google results, I believe some of these models are Russian release only, though it isn't always clear if other features are effected.

My needs for a TV are as follows:
Some sort of PC connectivity, be it DVI, HDMI (needing a DVI adapter) or even component/D-Sub, at a push (my 7900GT also outputs component)
RGB support on at least one SCART connection (satellite recvr only has composite/RGB output)
If at all possible, 1:1 pixel mapping for the PC connection
HD ready (for the future, 720p/1080i)
BUT if HD, needs to display SD sources well - apart from my PC all others (DVD,Sat,DV-Cam etc.) are all SD
37/42 inch display - we sit just over 7 feet away from the TV, so any bigger may not look good with LCDs
Not too 'streaky' with moving pictures - we tend to watch action movies, and screen will be used for occasional gaming sessions

DON'T need digital tuner - no digi broadcasts in this country
DON'T need un-necessary bells'n'whistles eg USB/card reader etc.

If firmware problems exist for a particular model, then a serial or USB socket for upgrading the set myself - TV engineers are very thin on the ground out here.

Onto the list...

The first one I'm interested in is the Philips 37PF5321/12
From my understanding, it's stats are as follows :
37" LCD, 500 thingies brightness, 1200 whatsits contrast, 8ms response time, 1366x768 resolution, BUT I can't see if anyone has managed 1:1 pixel mapping, the official stats only mention 1024x768 when connected to a PC, no DVI or D-sub, 2 HDMI sockets, one of all the rest (composite RCA, s-video, component, 1 RGB scart, 3 audio inputs)

The others are as follows :-
LG RT 42 PC1 RV (does the lack of RT in model above indicate different model, or lazy shop-labeller?)
Panasonic TH-37PV60R
Panasonic TH-42PV60R
Philips 42PF5310/10 - apart from size, what is different in this model, compared to the 37" philips above?
Samsung LE-40R71BX
Samsung LE40R72B
Samsung LE40S71B
Samsung PS-42C7SR
Samsung PS-42C7SR
Samsung PS-42E7SR
Samsung PS-42Q7HR
Sony KDL-40S2000
Sony Bravia KDL 40 W2000
Sony Bravia KLV S 40 A 10E
Toshiba 37WL58R
Toshiba 37WL65R
Toshiba 37WL66E
Toshiba 42WL55E
Toshiba 42WL66E
Xoro HTL 3722W Black

Can anyone with personal experience recommend a better model than my first choice, from the list above, or simply let me know if I shouldn't get any particular one?

Likely to be getting TV in next couple of days...

I have read as many reviews as I can, but not always sure if I'm looking at the same model...


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If I've not provided enough information, PLEASE do let me know.
I'm not asking anyone for a complete breakdown of each model, if anyone has or used to have one of them, would you recommend it, or steer clear?
Hoping to get the TV for my birthday on Friday, so could do with a little assistance - the sales asst.s in this country are completely clueless, can someone give me a small hint what to go for and what to avoid?

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