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I finally saved enough money for my first projector. I've read up a bit about the market, but it's a jungle of choices out there, maybe you people can help?
I want to use it both for playing games (PS2 and PC) and watching DVD movies. So it is important that it is at least XGA and preferable can handle 16:9 (no need for it to be W-XGA though). The problem is that most projectors I have come across or either good for video OR games. I'm currently thinking of the Philips Bsure XG1, but am a bit worried about the low contrast (300:1) ratio. What do you people think? Is this projector ok, or would you recommend another one. Or is it perhaps altogether better to wait for the release of the Garbo and the new sony's (HS2 and HS10)?
I have the following circumstances:

- can spend about 4000 euro (on screen and projector)
- will be set up in a room with windows (that can be curtained up though)
- must have at least XGA resolution for the PC games
- prefer at least > 2000 hrs on the lamp
- will be tabletop based
- noise, weight, size not so important

Any advise will appreciated.........
Hello drugarth
I would suggest buying a Sony VPL-VW11HT. It will have all the inputs that you will require for games and dvd's or video based signals. You may be able to pick up a 10HT cheaper though.
Thanx for the advice,
Tough the VPL-VW11HT is a bit above my budget. I think i wil check out the 10HT though and compare it with the new sony's and philips and than make my choice.
Thanx again
Sanyo PLV 30 should be on your list for films. Not sure about XGA though. It is a well built, reliable PJ and and has no known faults.

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