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Very quick question, My Sony died on me yesterday so looking at new ones. 7yr old kdl-50w829b.

I'm looking between 55 and 65inch and don't really want to tip over £1000 (unless slightly)

I have narrowed to:

Sony 55xh9505

Philips 55oled 705

Is there an obvious better tv here or something else I should consider? this all goes through my Sony STR-DN1080 to monitor audio silvers so I'm not bothered about speakers in the Tv.

I appreciate that there are a lot of personal factors. It will be wall mounted in a custom cabinet and used for general family use, PlayStation, football, Netflix, sky etc... not for excessive amounts of time!

If you have any ideas in that price range then please say?

Thanks in advance!

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I'd say you need to pick a technology, that will help you choose the TV.

Sony (LCD) vs Philips (OLED)

Both have pros and cons but only you can decide what suits you best.



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Thanks for your reply... appreciate it. I was hoping you could offer advice on quality of TV between the two? Picture quality etc?

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Rgb direct were doing the cx the other day for a grand they say its a c9 but when you ring they have none and give you the cx for same money

Sloppy Bob

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The OLED, with a good source, will have a better picture but that's irrelevant if OLED doesn't suit your viewing habits or if the kids are going to ruin it in a couple of years by having it sitting on a channel with logos on the corner.

As I said, pick the technology that suits you. That will pick the TV.

Did you read the link I posted?
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Apples and Oranges. Most people go with an OLED for the better blacks and viewing angles but some people just have a preference for LCD tech, which is better suited to using in brighter environments. Usually OLED TVs are more expensive, which probably means out of these two deals the OLED is better bang for buck.


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Thanks. Yes I read the link...great write up. Leaning towards the LG BX now as there are a few good offers for £950. Rooms not too bright so hoping OLED will be ok.

Thanks for the advice!

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