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I had just about decided to upgrade my current setup
  • Core 2 Duo E4500
  • Asus P5-KPL-VM
  • ATI3650
setup and just replace the 3650 with a 4550 or 4650. The main reason for this is to get HD audio (LPCM over HDMI).

Then I came across an article about the Geforce 9300 GPU (this is part of NF730i chipset?) and Intel G45 chipset.

Now I am very confused as to which way to go :confused:

A 4550 is going to cost £50, a 4650 will be £70. A new mobo will be about £90 for either chipset.

The mobo option is going to cost more but would clear up some slots (one for the graphics card and one for the sound card I currently have as my mobo does not have SP/DIF out)

Main criteria is to be able to get out HD audio over HDMI but also to have enough grunt to do a decent job of de-interlacing 1080i material and to cope happily outputting 1080p from BD (including 1080p/24)

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Would you need s/pdif out if you are using HDMI for audio?


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I have the Asus Matx 9300 mobo, and i play all my 1080p blu rays through it fine.

Hdmi out from my mobo into an onkyo 606. Both Audio and Video are flawless, very happy with it :thumbsup:


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I have the Asus Matx 9300 mobo, and i play all my 1080p blu rays through it fine.
I am actually more interested in SD playback. I like to watch BD movies etc but this is not the norm, that is DVD and TV. Do you have a TV card and if so what is the SD material like??? How is the de-interlacing and post-processing??


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I recently swapped out an G35 Asus board for the Gigabyte board mentioned in my sig and the difference for SD material is night and day. No more tearing or stutters while watching DVB-T.

ALL hidef material is greatly improved as well. I did think the G35 did a good job when I first got it but it really doesn't come close to the 9400 on the Gigabyte board.

I did have an 8600GT in a previous build (which cost me around £100) and this boards graphics really does things slightly slicker.......

A good move in my opnion and highly recommended!!


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