China officially released Blu-ray high-definition products CBHD players


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China officially released Blu-ray high-definition products CBHD players
2009 sale of 2,000 on 22 day 04 years Sina Technology 14:00
"China ray" highlights the pattern of industry

Barriers to break through a single standard CBHD

As a next-generation optical disc format for high-definition competitors, China's high-definition Blu-ray discs (CBHD) high-definition image of China has finally launched a formal attack on the market

Sina Tech News on April 22, China's high-definition optical disc industry to promote the League in Beijing this morning formally announced the Blu-ray high-definition products in China. DVD manufacturers such as TCL and the mainstream New CBHD players has introduced products, Warner Brothers, singing Corporation in support of content providers in China to speed up the Blu-ray high-definition up-to-market. This means that the "China ray" from the moment it was born since then has won the industry's expectations and support.

Shinco CBHD players

Tracing to its source, "China's Blu-ray" a very long time experienced and careful technical preparation of the preparations for the industry. In order to obtain the international high-definition optical disc standard-setting and market the right to speak, in May 2005, CD-ROM, Tsinghua University and China National Electronics Institute of Science and Technology Corporation, the third to the international DVD Forum to submit proposals, recommended the establishment of the China market specifically for the Chinese new standard for high-definition Blu-ray discs CBHD; 2007 years 2 months, the international DVD Forum has approved the physical format of CBHD standards. July 2008, CBHD Mastering the first production line in China's Record Company Limited in Shanghai was completed and a joint CD-ROM production for the disc publishers editing, compression, processing of large-capacity 15GBx2 layer Mastering CBHD high-definition programming. By the end of February 2009, Warner Bros. announced support CBHD, and officially launched in China plans to issue video CBHD.

Why do consumers need to CBHD?

Survey data show that in 2009 China has a high-definition TV up to 27 million users in 2011 will reach 72 million. This means that matching with the high-definition DVD market for tens of billions of dollars. On the other hand, Blu-ray Disc (BD) format camp tight step-by-step, in which case, the Chinese local companies to share business opportunities in high-definition is not an easy task, it is faced with changes in industry costs and prices, strong pressure from various aspects.

In 2008, the developed country markets such as Europe, America and Japan by the Blu-ray Disc (BD) standards, "dominate the political arena." However, Tsinghua University, Optical Memory National Engineering Research Center, deputy director of land has said that this does not mean that the Chinese market is bound to adopt such a standard. CD-ROM disc as a result of the regional characteristics and inter-regional flows are rare, so the Chinese can be in accordance with the interests of businesses and consumers to make a choice.

Tradition of non-HD DVD reached a peak in 2006, Taiwan's 19 million, successfully completed the high-end products from the evolution of consumer goods to the public. Professor Lu Da believe that a few decades, high-definition Blu-ray category of product demand will be the same rules of evidence, reaching tens of millions of units owned. "We must not turn a high-definition Blu-ray Disc or CD-ROM that is used in high-end enthusiast product, it is the mass of consumer goods, which is part of product development and design can not throw away the most basic purpose." Is the most sensitive to price factors. The price is too high for the Chinese market demand for a country's consumption habits and consumption patterns can not be a format change or a product. On the other hand, China is the world's largest producer of optical discs, currently China's DVD player output of about 100 million each year the size of Taiwan's total global production of more than 80%. Other related products such as PC peripherals, CD / CD-ROM drive to burn the production is accounted for 70 percent of global production, has been owned by a huge industrial base. Such a large industrial base, if the succession and continuity can not be completely close to the BD standard, will face "all start all over again," the enormous cost of waste and consumption, even for a long period of time the local CD-ROM image hurt the Chinese industry turn-around, missed opportunities for development.

Chinese CBHD with Blu-ray products at lower prices, better suited to the needs of Chinese consumers. The development of the Chinese CBHD discs have begun to enjoy the field of patents and the right to speak, would reduce the royalties, so that the existing industrial base can fully play its role. CBHD of China's information industry, CD-ROM copy of audio-visual publishing industry as well as provide new opportunities for development.

In April 22 before the official launch CBHD products, has entered the part of a prototype store on-site demonstration, about to begin a formal sales, CBHD players pricing yuan in 2000, consumers in China more popular, laid a good foundation .

TCL CBHD players

"Content than the form of" war

The support of content providers is the ultimate CBHD win in the market the most basic conditions, continued availability of low-cost, high quality content will drive further to attract manufacturers to promote market penetration as well as an important factor. Including Hollywood films, including the source of provider choice and orientation, can influence the future market development.

Finally, CBHD win the choice of the market: the mainstream Hollywood studios Warner said recently issued in China CBHD disc format. Attitude of content providers is also considered when CBHD quantities can be listed with the "east." Time Warner film company Hollywood film company the United States has the largest number of film and television programming company. Warner announced that China supports the CBHD, its recognition of the technical indicators of CBHD, digital copyright protection mechanism that is more suitable to China's national conditions, which may also be other Hollywood film companies to choose the future format of CBHD discs issued in China.

TCL and the new Division of CBHD players available now. TCL Corp., said Li Dongsheng, chairman and president, if we can sell 10 million year-Taiwan high-definition LCD TV, you can sell 10 million Taiwan CBHD players.

CD-ROM format to promote not only dependent on technological progress and, more importantly, to promote industry and market. Department of Public Works under the guidance of the letter to set up "China to promote high-definition optical disc industry Union (CHDIA)", the domestic and foreign content providers, CD-ROM disc manufacturers, CD-ROM production equipment providers, broadcast equipment manufacturers, component providers and broadcast equipment hardware and software vendors and other related businesses united to promote the building of a complete industrial chain of China's Blu-ray and mature healthy market.

CBHD has a variety of video resources. Hollywood giant Warner, China Record Corporation, has launched dozens of album CBHD high-definition. Warner recorded Fang Lin, general manager, said: in 2009, recorded CBHD format Warner plans to issue at least 100 large, in order to provide a more rich Chinese families, a more perfect enjoyment of home entertainment


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Yeah but can you really trust a product from china? I have had nothing but problems with all the electronics I purchased that were manufatured there.


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Yeah but can you really trust a product from china? I have had nothing but problems with all the electronics I purchased that were manufatured there.

You obviously haven't bought anything made very recently then, since just about everything is manufactured there these days.


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There is a real irony about this format.

China Blue (not Blu!) High Definition CBHD was formerly known as CH-DVD or China High Definition DVD.

The Chinese format is a variation of HD DVD – essentially very small differences were made to both HD DVD players and discs principally in terms of encryption and other software differences, to create the CBHD format.

Physically CBHD is HD DVD!

And this Chinese format is supported by Warner. CLICK

So the studio that killed HD DVD by withdrawing its support is now competing against Blu-ray in China by releasing on the off spring of HD DVD! :D

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