Chimney mounted TV - Advice on hiding wires


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Hi, would appreciate any advice on how to hide wiring for TV mounted on chimney bresst, as shown in picture. Virgin/Sky box will be located at side of chimney in cupboard/shelving. Soundbar or speakers possibly either side of chimney??

My thoughts are:

Drill through side of chimney (possibly angled up) for hdmi/ethernet cables in some conduit. Double socket hidden at rear of electric fire for tv power cable or behind TV


Batten and plasterboard front of chimney, which would create a cavity to run cables in and again power cable running to either a socket behind electric fire or behind TV

Any suggestions tips would be welcome.

Don't mind chopping out if required but prefer not to



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Are you definitely set on mounting the TV in that position ? Mounting a TV above a working fireplace isn't ideal, although if it's electric (so doesn't put out that much heat and is mainly decorative) and not going to be used much, then it should be less of an issue than if it was a real log-burner, I guess. You will have to accept, though, that mounting a TV in a location that will be exposed to excess heat may risk damage to the screen or components over time and therefore shorten a TV's lifespan.

The other big issue with that location is the height. TVs should ideally be mounted as close to eye level when seated as possible which is normally around 3ft on a typical sofa, but that looks closer to 6ft off the floor. How far away will you be watching it from ? You risk neck-strain if too close and would also need to tilt it down considerably in order to avoid a drop in picture quality due to off-axis viewing angles.

If you're happy to mount it there despite those issues, then you'll need to consider whether you want to retain use of the flue (if there is one) for either yourself or any future owners because drilling into it would remove that option. You might be OK with losing it, but a working fireplace could be a selling point further down the line.

Installing a false wall in front of the existing plaster would allow both the potential future use of the flue and also allow you to run cables behind with the least mess, but I'm not sure how you would stand installing a false wall close to a working fire (you may need to check the building regs) and incorporating it around that mantlepiece might also be tricky. Alternatively, chasing out the plaster and not going too deep into the brickwork would also be an option.

Depending on the size of the flue, your idea of potentially drilling diagonally up and into the chimney breast for the AV cables would be a lot of work and pretty difficult because the diameter of the hole you'd need would be far greater than even the largest of readily-available drill-bits, so you'd probably be looking at some kind of diamond-tipped core drill and the length you'd need might be an issue.

If you're intending on installing an electrical socket, then just bear in mind the horizontal and vertical 'safe zones' for running electrical cables that you would need to adhere to which (among other things) means no diagonal runs.

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