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Hey could someone advise. I have a small child whose starting crawl a little and so I was looking at getting a cheap wooden unit and putting the subwoofer and consoles in it. Drilling a hole in the back for the cable so we we can child proof. My question is a subwoofer still effective in a unit or does it need to be in open or on a floor. Thanks for any advise.


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hi steve. we had no bother with the kids...and the av gear. subs have grills... only thing we did was put child proof locks around handles of the av rack doors... we never had children left unsupervised during crawling or starting to wall stage... so just made sure nothing would end up hurting them...the kids that is ...the hifi and av, not much can do to hurt..

our kids grew up wth the hifi and av... they learn easy what to touch what not to touch.. and my daughter from as a toddler was firing up the system with the universal remote flying around apple tv and kids tv etc...

re subs yes if put in an enclosure of sorts it will impact their sound...


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I'd suggest not placing a sub in a cabinet or an enclosed space. It's a speaker and as such needs to be out in the room as opposed to being hidden in a cabinet. Besides this, the output from it will have an effect on the cabinet and will more than likely resul;t in you hearing undesirable vibrations whenever the sub kicks in.. Maybe look at getting a downward firing sub which a child is less likely to be able to damage the driver of.

Duct tape is very handy if you've children:



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Lock the AV cabinet (children love to fiddle with knobs). Tell the child not to touch specific items (e.g. LPs, ESL speakers), and jump and remove him immediately if he does (no violence!).

After a short time he'll learn and everything will be fine. We had 3 boys and no problems once we mounted glass doors with a lock and key on the cabinet,


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I was told by an Old Arcam Representative when your kids go near the equipment, do not show a reaction and they will get bored of them every quickly. I did this with my two and even though it was hard and my heart was racing inside, it certainly worked for me although I must add that it doesn't work for everyone and you take the risk at your own peril

My lad did turn the volume up once and sacred himself half to death (did this when he was crawling), but there was no damage thankfully. So because of this, I'd see if your amp has a maximum volume setting (and set it to a level you know won't cause any damage) so your little ball of joy doesn't accidentally pop your speakers whilst investigating

I have to say this was the best piece of advice I was given (with my electronics) as my little ones are now 15 and 9 and use the electronics how it ought to be used with respect. I've seen many kids who just don't care about them and break them, or treat it as a game with the parents when you get the "Oh, don't do that", go and pick them up, then they go again until it becomes a nightmare with them having a tantrum because the game didn't go the way they wanted :rolleyes:

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