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Just wondering if any one here has any advice,

I'm supposed to recieve the bare minimum, about £6 (after fee's) a week, so £12 every 2 weeks.

Received a letter on 2/11/15 saying that payment has been missed and they are finding out why.

This was odd, not unexpected though as it's done using direct pay i think its called, basically the money is taken from her benefits and paid straight to me before she even gets the money, so she cant not pay, that's why it's done like that because she would spend the money and claim she had none.

It's been set up since october last year, and always been that way, but most of the time she's lied about circumastances etc etc and benefits have been stopped so many times which means i dont get paid.

however this time, they havent been stopped, but i got the letter saying ive not been paid, so why is that if it comes straight out of her benefits, which she is still in receipt off.

She asked me to check my bank to be sure, so I did this afternoon, I've not actually received a payment since June 6th 2015! (bet she wishes i didn't check now).

I was never told by the child maintenance service who handles the claim, it's only because i checked because of the recent letter.

Online it says next payment date Jan 16th 2016, why's that!

Arrears £485

I love how I am having to pay off her debts through a collection company because they were taking me to court (it was her phone!) but i'm not even getting the money i'm owed myself.

I wish they told me six months ago, they are ringing me back monday to discuss the case, shes been in receipt of benefits, with no stoppage since then so there has been no reason for them not to take the payment and give it to me.

Thing is, because she's not working, and never will, she is one of these people who will aways have kid after kid for cash, i will never receive the arrears as i think you don't get that paid untill the person is in employement, or am i wrong?

Because what she seems to keep doing is messing up her benefits to save the £32 a month, then back dating her claim, getting full amount backdated, then my maintenance allowence goes on the arrears pile, which will never get paid.

I've been saving for a new washing machine, could have bought two of the bloooming things with the money she owes :/

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