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Reviewed by Simon Crust, 7th December 2011.
Chicken Little is Disney’s very loose retelling of the ‘Sky is Falling’ fable, in which the titular character incites panic through his belief that the sky is litterally falling, only to be ridiculed by the town and suffer the disappointment of his father. So he sets off to put things right, and nearly succeeds when the sky does indeed start falling and the fate of the world rests with the plucky little chicken who must prove to his father, and the town, that he has what it takes to make them proud. What is basically a frivolous and much seen sci-fi homage actually has a little bit of heart in its emotive core with regards to its parent and offspring relationships, though this is extremely well hidden in the slapstick comedy and stylised animation of a typical Disney production. Neither as deep or as engaging as anything Pixar has produced, nor Disney’s own cell animation, Chicken Little nevertheless has a harmless charm and zips along never really outstaying its welcome.

As a 3D Blu-ray package Disney have bundled together the 3D disc with the already available 2D Blu-ray making this a good future proof buy, if you don’t already own it. The 3D image is pretty decent with some good effects and overall solidity to the layers; however its picture is hampered somewhat by the very CG looking CG animation. The sound track is boisterous enough with plenty to keep the speakers awake, though it never pushes the system too hard. Round this up with a basic, but serviceable, extras package and you have a reasonable buy.

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