Chester Bennington - Linkin Park


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Sad news. Brilliant debut album enjoyed for many hours in my youth. Was driving to work the other morning and In The End came on the radio, hadn't heard it in years and it took me right back.


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Reanimation and Minutes to Midnight are great too.

Very sad news. Seen them twice live, such a powerful live show. I follow him on twitter and I was getting loads of positive posts start of year about charity work etc so very sad. RIP Chester

What originally turned me onto them was Live8. Never heard of them prior to that but Chester and the chemistry with the band just gripped what a voice [emoji20]


He could certainly belt those songs out that's for sure.

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Probably one of my favourite male vocalists over the past couple of decades, really sad news, its always the best that seem to go early!


I preferred "Minutes To Midnight" over "Hybrid Theory."


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