Chequered Past


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My father faced a court martial by refusing to be take part in a unit photo with a politician he did not approve of (Manny Shinwell).

My Grandfather was mentioned in dispatches whilst serving in India prior to WWII.

And a lot of my family where persecuted by the Roman Catholic church in the 16th century.

I have a certificate for swimming a length of Lamorbey Baths in Sidcup in 1978.


It seems these items where stolen from somebody with My surname in 1708

a Feather Bolster, 2 Pillows, a Blanket, a pair of Sheets, and a Callico Counterpain .



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I have a pretty rare surname,or so i thought:eek:,armed robbery,bigamy,fraud,stealing,jeez,what a bunch of vagabonds.Cracking read though:D


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I only had 10, 7 as victim!

John 1987

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Theft; Two hats, that's it, pathetic!!!:rotfl:


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bigamy, murder, sexual offenses and erm,theft of a tankard...


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my surname's extremely rare too (and not British) ... so no entries with the Old Bailey ... then on Google they're mainly regarding me (business stuff, press releases etc) and a village of the same name, so must ask my folks about that

Deleted member 30535

Just 3 entries, 2 as victims and one of those victims was himself a defendant! I either have an uncommon name or my family are descended from angels, or they were just too good to get caught!

Of the "wrong doing", a namesake stole:

six ounces weight of nutmegs, value 16 s.
thirty-two black lead pencils, value 5 s.
twenty-three other black lead pencils, value 9 d.
one quarter of a pound weight of cocoa, value 4 d.
one wooden box

Imprisoned six months in the House of Correction , fined 1 s .

Ian J

Joseph J, of Islington , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Capon, value 18 d. and 3 Hens , the Property of Thomas Millnor , but for want of sufficient Evidence, he was acquitted .

We've always been slippery customers :D


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Mostly murder and theft!!


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Someone with my surname sunk a boat he was captain of back in 1890 or something, just off scotland.. then the owner bought a new boat and asked him to skipper that one too!

What a sucker! lol :clap:


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Under my own surname, there was a lot of murders, thefts, frauds, practically everything.

One of our ancestors supposed to be an Emmeline Pankhurst, my mothers maiden name, not sure how to find out for sure, but she done quite a lot for getting women to be able to vote etc....



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Dont know if they are relative but did a search under my mothers maiden name, one was tried for High Treason - received Sentence to be Burnt :eek:


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1640 results for me... what a bunch of crooks :eek:


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stealing one parcel containing 108 copies of the "Graphic" newspaper



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Only one entry for me, a William Fuller stole a horse from my (possible?) ancestor in 1841. He got 14 years transportation. I'm assuming to Oz perhaps? Now that's how you deal with crime Gordon Brown.

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